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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Child and Teenage Kidnapping Scare in the Philippines

This gossip/news has been going around in the last few days. A kind of crime syndicate is alleged to be kidnapping kids and teenagers and then eventually selling the victims internal organs in the black market. It's really scary. 'Dunno if it's real but I've heard of some cases in our area, not in the radio or television, though. There are also text messages spreading around that tells of the news and even mentioned the group's modus operandi. The group use vans or minivans, drives around an area and tries to find potential victims. When they find one, they will nab him/her and then put him/her to sleep with some drugs. And then, who knows what will happen then, and at the end, the victim's internal organs are sold in the black market. The text messages even mentioned one van's plate number and description, hehe.. Red and green van with plate number VM?-50?. The gossip/news even mentioned a Taiwanese character included in the crime syndicate....
But, anyway, it's not that hard to take extra care. Take care, you guys and your family. Scary!!!

- The Desert Fox, Deutsche Afrika Korps, North Africa -
posted by excel at 2:12 AM


Yes, really scary...parents from where I live are taking this seriously, especially today. Just recently, news/gossip went out that 3 kids were abducted from a public school in a nearby barrio. This morning, another child was "reported" found dead in another barrio. How true are these? I can't tell, really. But elementary schools in my area were closed this afternoon due to these "news". Yes it's getting serious (at least the panic is). And things were made worse by someone printing a photo of a dead child, with stitches on her chest and neck and then adding the news about the alleged kidnappings. I checked the photo and it was taken from a website featuring all kinds of dead bodies. No captions of who she was and how she died, really. Authorities said there's still no concrete evidence of the kidnappings/killings. But still, as a parent I can't help but take precautionary actions for my children's safety. This news, whether true or false, makes me sad and angry. Children have the right to play and the right to live in a secured they are all full of fear for their own safety.

March 12, 2008 at 3:43 AM  

there is really no problem in giving extra care to your children.. however, the only thing wrong with this gossip/news is that there is no parents or incident in the news or wherever that really tells that this is a fact, that this thing is really happening, there is no police report or whatever... I was watching the other day with regards to this matter and I was really disappointed when a certain chief-of-police said that don't believe this, it's just a telltale and trying to find who started it.. well, that's it?! In my opinion, he should have said that they are doing everything to discredit this gossip since there are no clear evidence that it is really happening and doing their best to prevent it from happening in the future..

March 13, 2008 at 10:34 PM  

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